Annual Ferncare Dinner Sponsors

11th Annual Dinner Sponsor

Clinic Exam Room Sponsor
Jack & Annette Aronson - The Artichoke Garlic Foundation

Presenting Sponsors, Supporting One Clinic Session
Gage Products | WaterWork Plumbing

Supporting One Month of Liability Coverage
Kate Baker & Geoff Blumenthal
Sharon & David Chess - Chess Roofing and Siding

Supporting One Month of Generic Medications
Creid Union ONE
Galloway & Collens
Councilwoman Melanie & Jim Piana
Dr. G. Christopher Popp

Supporting One Month of Lab Tests
Pamela and Todd Bellaver
The Heler Family
Suzanne and Roger York

Supporting Annual Services for One Patient
Carolyn Barr | Sean Drate | Kathleen Gleason | Holiday Market
Ellen Lipton | Marsha Manning and Robert Parrish
Councilman Dan Martin | State Senator Jeremy Moss
MSU College of Human Medicine
Valerie Overholt and Howard Schubiner
Jill and James Robnett | Marcia Ruff and tom Wilkinson
Royal Services | Rudy Serra - Serra Services PLLC
Andrea and Robert Troutman | Dale Vigliarolo | Wetmore's
Barbara Winter | State Representative Robert Wittenberg
County Commissioner Helaine Zack

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