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Distinguished Donors

The list below is most dear to us. Since we created the clinic, we have been honored to have a number of staunch and thoughtful people, corporations and foundations that are as committed to the work we do as we are.  We would put this list up in neon, if possible.

 Congressman Sander Levin and his Washington, D.C. and Roseville, MI staff

Congressman Sander Levin and his Washington, D.C. and Roseville, MI staff

Congressman Sander Levin and his Washington, D.C. and Roseville, MI staff for the award of the HRSA grant $148,250

$10,000 +

  • BlueCross/BlueShield Safety Net
  • Charles and Judy Jones, In Memory of Charles Jones, Judy Jones, Mel Jones, Shana Ivancic & In Memory of Branden O'Neil
  • Credit Union ONE
  • E-B Foundation
  • Ferndale Community Foundation
  • Gage Products
  • Garden Fresh Salsa and Artichoke/Garlic Foundation
  • Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc & Detroit Regional Community Action Committee
  • Jack and Annette Aronson
  • Leon & Lulu
  • Metro Health Foundation
  • Michigan – Department of Health and Human Services
  • The Jewish Fund
  • WaterWork Plumbing

$5,000 - $9,999

  • A & H Investment
  • Doeren Mayhew
  • Generation IV
  • Leo J. Croll Family Foundation (Edwina Davis)
  • Masonic Lodge #193
  • The Protean Group (Ford Motors)
  • Ann Heler, The Heler Family & Andrea and Robert Troutman
  • Gannett Foundation
  • Hodges Imported Cars
  • Lyle and John Ulinski, Richard Boughman and the Robnett Family
  • Michigan Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • Western Market

$1,000 - $4,999

  • AJ Roemer
  • Chess Roofing and Siding
  • Galloway & Collens, PLLC
  • James and Kim Zaguroli
  • Marsh & McLennan Agency
  • Pam and Todd Bellaver
  • Sean Drate
  • Wetmore's
  • Dan Manville
  • Chris Popp, MD
  • Helaine Zack, Oakland County Commissioner
  • Kate Baker/Geoff Blumenthal & Linda and Doug Baker
  • Melanie and Jim Piana
  • Rudolph A. Serra, LLC
  • Suzanne and Roger York
  • Carolyn Barr and Family
  • Dan Martin
  • Holiday Market
  • Katie Hershberger
  • Monique Reeves, MD
  • Virginia Tropea
  • Tisar Dasai


Medical volunteers, non medical clinic volunteers, fundraising and committee volunteers, Board of Directors, students, past patients and everyone who helps in so many ways...

Without ALL of you, there would be no clinic.

In the last 9 years, volunteers have donated over 45,000 hours to FernCare

Thank You!                                          


Everyone else who values the work we do as a free clinic and has sent a donation or attended a fund raiser.

Without you, we could not do the work we do.

Thank You


Clinic Move Donors and Sponsors

We're so honored and appreciative of the people, foundations and corporations that helped with the cost of the move to our new site at 751 E. Nine Mile, Suite 2, in Ferndale. The physical move was only 3 blocks East, BUT the short distance had nothing to do with the cost of the move and the cost of prepping the new site.

Corporations or Foundations

The following corporations or foundations have supported the clinic through grant awards.

Alana's Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield Safety Net

Credit Union ONE

Croll Family Foundation

David Lennon Foundation

E-B Foundation

Ferndale Community Foundation

Gage Products

Gannett Foundation

Generation IV Foundation

Hitachi Motors

Hitachi Automotive Foundation

Hodges Imported Cars

Leo J. Croll Family Foundation

Masonic Lodge #506, Masonic Foundation

Metro Health Foundation

The Jewish Fund

The Protean Group (Ford Motors)

WaterWork Plumbing

Western Market

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