Donor and Sponsor Wall of Honor

Clinic Move Donors and Sponsors

We are so honored and so appreciative of the people, foundations and corporations that have helped with the costs of the move to our new site at 751 E. Nine Mile, Suite 2, in Ferndale.  The physical move was only about 3 blocks East, BUT as you all know, the short distance had nothing to do with the costs of the move and the costs of prepping the new site to our standards.

The following are only the initial donors and sponsors:
Sharon Pratt
Meaghen Register
Donna Reeves
Linda Baker
Carolyn Barr
John and Jean Sterritt
Joe and Susan Eggly
Hakeem Johnson
Leon & Lulu event
Olivia Banks
Suzanne and Roger York
Kathryn Hershberger
Peter and Jenann Klain
Judith Kalpin and John O’Brein
Ann Heler
Rev. James and Martha Maxwell
William and Patricia Barber
J and L Schell
David A. Lennon Foundation
Nadji and Oakley Reynolds
Sally Schottenfels
Lowell and Sheila Sprague
Amy Roemer
Daniel Manville
Leo J. Croll Foundation
Carmen Garcia
Kristen Parrish
Thomas MayMay
Norma Jean Goshgarian
Paige Robnett
Jody Metzger
Ann Warner
Diane Cook
Carolyn May
Elizabeth Dengate
Diana Perrish
Stanley S. Hazen
Robert Parrish
Karen King
Lawrence Shear Living Trust
Jill and James Robnett
Howard Schubiner and Valerie Overholt

David May in honor of Kate Baker and Geoff Blumenthal
St. Johns Episcopal Church (New to You Resale Shop)
Jeffrey King (Imperial restaurant – 12 Days of Christmas Charity Drive Marsh and McLennan (Brian Wahl)

We are thankful and smiling.


The 2016 Annual Dinner sponsors and the list of corporations and foundations that have supported us over the last two years are listed on the Donations page.


Distinguished Donors

The next list is most dear to us. Since we created the clinic, we have been honored to have a number of staunch and thoughtful people, corporations, and foundations that are as committed to the work we do as we are.  We would put this list up in neon if possible.

Congressman Sander Levin and Staff
$148,500 Federal Appropriation – Capital Assets Fund  2010
In addition, Congressman Levin has been an Annual Dinner sponsor since our first dinner.

$10,000 +
Jack and Annette Aronson
Credit Union ONE
Hitachi Detroit Regional Community Action Committee
Hitachi Foundation
Hitachi Motors
The Jewish Fund
Blue Cross Blue Shield Safety Net
E-B Foundation

$5000 +
Gage Products
Generation IV Foundation
Gannett Foundation
Ann Heler
Metro Health Foundation
In memory of Brayden O’Neal
Michigan Department of Community Health
In Memory of Charles R. Jones
Croll Family Foundation

$1000 +
Amma Center of Michigan
Kate Baker
Virginia Tropea
Virginia Brennan in memory of David
Credit Union ONE
Detroit Curling Club
Michigan Elks and Ferndale Lodge #1588
Ferndale Community Foundation
Ferndale Pub Crawl
Sean Drate
Garden Fresh Salsa
H-B Foundation
LaGore Wealth Management
Dr. Hollander and the Michigan Institute of Urology
Michigan AIDS Coalition (formerly Michigan AIDS Prevention Project)
Leon & Lulu
Level One Bank
Galloway & Collens, PLLC
Oakland County Casual Friday Fund
The Protean Group (Ford Motor Co.)
Ford Motor Corporation
Robnet family
Blue Cross Network of Michigan
John Sterritt
Western Market
Joann and Richard Willcock
John and Lyle Ulinski
Chess Roofing & Siding
Katie Hershberger
Alana Foundation
$500 +
Jeanne Cavanaugh
Vanguard Charitable Trust
Geoff Blumenthal
Melanie and Jim Piana
GNC – Ferndale
Grand Center Self Storage
Great Lakes Health Plan
Kenneth King
Gail and Ruell McPherson
Dan Martin
OLV Investment Group
Oakland County Commissioners
Law Offices of Kristina G. Barsch, P.L.C.
L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive
Monique Reeves MD, MPH
Hodges Imported Cars
Wetmore’s Tire and Auto Repair
Mark and Sherry McManus
John Sterritt
Dr. Linda McKenzie
Dave Lennon Foundation
Royal Services
Kim and James Zaguroli
Waterwork Plumbing
Tusar Desai
Kathy Longo
Oakland County, MI Commissioner Helene Zack
We appreciate all of our donors…there would be no clinic without YOU!