FernCare is a drop-off site for usable medical equipment and supplies, and medications. Those items that cannot be utilized by the clinic are donated to World Medical Relief for distribution locally and abroad. You may drop-off your donations at FernCare during clinic hours: the 1st and 3rd Saturday  from 9am to noon, the 2nd and 4th Thursday  from 6pm to 8pm or when the office is open; Monday through Friday 9 to 2 pm.

Equipment should be in usable order and the medications can be out of date. We are not taking any OUT OF DATE medications  from clinics, nursing homes, hospice care or physician’s offices.  The medication drop off is for the convenience of families and individuals.  We hope to help keep no longer needed or used medications from inappropriate use and from being disposed of in a way that is a danger to the environment.

World Medical Relief has moved to 21725 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075. It is a block north of W. Eight Mile Road and Lahser.  You can drop items off to them directly. We recommend you call first  313-866-5333  to make sure they are still taking what you would like to donate.

FernCare is UNABLE to accept the following items:

OUT OF DATE medications from ANY CLINIC, NURSING HOME, HOSPICE AGENCY OR PHYSICIANS OFFICE.   We will  take in-date medications from clinics and physician’s offices.  NOTE:  This ONLY applies to professional medical establishments, we still gladly take out of date medications from individuals and groups doing “mini” collection sites from families and individuals (churches, senior groups, etc.)

Any narcotics or controlled substances. It is simply too dangerous. Please take controlled substances to the Royal Oak Police station at 221 E. 3rd in Royal Oak.  They have a medication drop box in the lobby and free 15 minute parking across the street.

Wooden crutches.  These cannot be sterilized and they are not durable in hot, humid climates.

Oxygen tanks of any size.  Call the distributor listed on the tank and they will come and pick it up.

Hospital beds. Please call World Medical Relief directly at 313.866.5333

IV supplies, IV solutions, prepared IVs and personal belongings of patients.

Custom made orthotics; boots, back braces, etc. These are designed for a particular person and cannot be adapted for general use.

Opened packages of medical supplies (bandages, diapers, tubing, etc.)

We are very grateful for your donations to this program. In doing so you are providing much needed equipment and medication to those who might otherwise go without. We do offer receipts for IRS tax purposes.


Call 248-476-9000 Paralyzed Veterans of America in Novi.  They loan out equipment at no cost but do not deliver.

OLHSA (Oakland Livingston Human Services) has cargo vans and trucks if someone needs to have very heavy items delivered (hospital beds, electric wheelchairs, 3 wheel scooters, etc.  They deliver ONLY to Oakland County residents. They will not do deliveries for items that are easily carried (canes, toilet seats, etc.) unless it is in addition to the very heavy items.  Call Al Patrick at OLHSA 248-209-2600  for more information.

11 thoughts on “Donate Medical Equipment & Medications

  1. Recently, when I was in dropping of a donation from my church, Drayton Avenue Presbyterian Church, the details of your collection of empty pill bottle was explained to me. I would like to set up a year round collection box for pill bottles at our church and was hoping you could send me more information about that so I could provide it to our members.

    I was also told about a collection for ambulatory devices, that go to Haiti if I remember correctly. Could you also give me more information about that as well.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do.
    Mirja Marshall

  2. Hello, my name is Ricky Johnson, I am contacting you from McGuffey Home Care. We currently have the following supplies that we do not need anymore. If you are interested in these supplies, all we require is that you pick them up. Please contact me if you are interested.

    • 1 Box Respirator and Anathesa Products (Blue Tubing)
    • 5 Boxes and 1 Bag of Nestle Health Science, Feeding Tube/Mask
    • 9 “CORR-A-FLEX II” 22mm Tubing
    • 1 CHAD 50 PSI Compressor
    • 1 box of “Simplythick” brand instant food thickener
    • 60 “MedLine” Tracheostomy Clean & Care Tray
    • 26 Bags of Sterile Water for inhalation 1000 mL
    • 200 “Covidien” Argyle Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve
    • 192 Cans “Jevity” 1.5 Cal high-protein nutrition with Fiber 8oz (Perishable)
    • 10 V.A.C. GrandFoam Dressing (small)
    • 5 300mL Canister (With Gel) for ActiV.A.C. Therapy System
    • 12 Bottles “MedLine” DYND500MLS Sterile 0.9% Normal Saline
    • 14 Medivac Non-Conductive Suction Tubing
    • 1 Medi-Vac Yankaver Suction Handle
    • 3 “Hudson RVI” Variable Concentration Large Volume Nebulizer
    • 50 “AirLife” Tri-Flo Suction Catheter
    • 50 240 Blue Tracheostomy Tube Holder
    • 13 Tracheostomy Clean and Care Tray E-kit (Comes with: Powder Free Vinyl Gloves, Cotton Tip Applicators, Twill Tape, Dressing, Gauze(4))
    • 4 Box “Shiley” Tracheostomy Tube Cuffed with inner Cannula
    • 1 Box “Shiley” Decannulation Plug
    • 11 “Covidien” Monoject 60mL Syringe Catheter Tip

  3. Do you provide a tax donation slip?
    I have the original sales recept from the pharmacy for unopened boxes of asmtha inhalers. Also the mask and a couple of the tubes for delivering the mist to a child.
    Thank you

  4. I have a shower chair and raised toilet seat with handles. Also wonder if you take unexpired cancer medication to be donated? Do you take head scarves or hats?

  5. I belong to an organization that is collecting empty prescription battles for the Cabrini Clinic in Corktown They currently have more than they need. Do you accept used empty description bottle donations? the label are taken off when they are donated. Thanks you Brigid Taylor

    1. You can always take them to World Medical Relief, 21725 Melrose in Southfield. They are then sterilized and sent where needed anywhere in the world. The donation site at WMR is in the back – the door is clearly marked.

  6. Hi, We were given your information from Henry Ford W Bloomfield hospice. We have hospital gowns, hospital bed sheets, bed pads, wash basins and various items that we can donate. We may have unopened depends as well. Are these things you can use? Thanks for all you do!

    1. The hospital items can be taken directly to World Medical Relief, 21725 Melrose in Southfield. They then, in turn, send them around the world whereever needed.
      The unopened diapers of any kind please drop off to us.

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